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Raganga Malika - is an effort to sing and document the compositions of Muddusvami Dikshitar's  in the 72 Raganga Ragas. 


The term Raganga Raga is first found in the Raga Lakshana which is appended to the Chaturdandi Prakasika of Venkatamakhi. This appendix  is attributed to one Muddu Venkatamakhi who is the first to use the term Raganga Ragas and list the 72 Raganga Ragas.


Subbarama Dikshitar has documented these Raganga Ragas systematically with detailed notes for each Raga along with the Dikshitar Kritis, if available, in these Raganga Raga in the Sangeeta Sampradaya Pradarshini ('SSP'). In the SSP, we find Dikshitar’s Kritis in 68 of the 72 Raganga Ragas.


These Raganga Ragas are different, in Lakshana, from the 72 Melakartas that we popularly know today, though sharing similar svarasthanas sometimes.

The first season of Raganga Malika is out

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